Action Teams share solutions for sustainability

Habakkuk Trust Community Advocacy Action Teams from Insiza District visited Shale Action Team in Umzingwane District while Bubi and Nkayi Districts Action Teams visited Mangwe District Action Teams, to share knowledge and experiences on the advocacy work they have been doing in their different areas.

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Peer exchange and learning visits in Mangwe Ward 1 and Umzingwane Ward 8

The programme, commonly known as the peer exchange and learning visit, facilitated an open dialogue between the old and the new Action Teams, sharing success and the obstacles they face in their advocacy efforts. They also shared possible solutions to some of the challenges they face. Mangwe Action Teams which include Valukhalo, Phakamani and Mahlabazihlangene Action Teams received advocacy training in 2007 and have been involved in a number of community projects including advocating on construction of schools and increasing access to clean water while Shale Action Team which was trained in 2013 has been pushing for the construction of a community clinic which is now at roofing level. Insiza, Bubi  and Nkayi Action Teams were all trained last year.

The exchange visit enabled new Action Teams to learn more on community mobilization, separating politics and development, teamwork and importance of working with local leadership to advance development projects.


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