Shot in the arm for Mdengelele villagers

Four boreholes have been drilled in Nkayi Ward 26 to alleviate water crisis in the Ward that has seen villagers travelling very long distances to access the precious liquid.

This development came after Habakkuk Trust Community Advocacy Action Team in Nkayi Ward 26 presented a position paper on access to water at a policy dialogue meeting in Nkayi Rural District which was attended by various stakeholders including those working on water and sanitation.

The position paper highlighted that half of the Ward had no underground water forcing villagers to Walk at least 10km to Shangani River to access the precious liquid.

“The policy dialogue meeting we attended at Nkayi RDC prompted stakeholders to take our issue into consideration,” Habakkuk Trust Information Secretary Mr Edmore Moyo said. “The local authority working with some of the stakeholders that were present at the policy dialogue meeting in November have drilled boreholes in our community. We are grateful to all the stakeholders that came to our rescue.”

Community members fetching water at one of the recently sunk borehole in Nkayi Ward 26
The first borehole was sunk in December 2015 close to Mdengelele primary school, another one at Majoqo village close to Mdengelele Secondary school and the last two were sunk in Khunga and Fani villages in the same Ward.

The four boreholes that were recently sunk have benefitted over 500 households in the Ward. More boreholes will be sunk to ease the burden of travelling long distances on the community members.


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