Six Action Teams transformed into community based organizations

Habakkuk Trust has handed over legal documents to 6 of its Community Advocacy Action Teams which were recently transformed into Community Based Organizations after displaying sterling advocacy work over the years.

These Action Teams, trained on advocacy, human rights, good governance and development between 2008 and 2013, have shown great determination in creating sustainable solutions to community developmental issues even long after Habakkuk Trust rounded up its programmes in those areas. The Community Action teams also underwent training through Habakkuk Trust’s Strengthening Rural Civil Society Programme. The training covered organizational development including topics such as starting organizations, roles of committee members, resource mobilization and planning.

Shale Action Team in Umzingwane District Ward 8 is now Shale Development Association. In the same District, Bezha Action Team in Ward 12 has been transformed to Umzingwane Ward 12 Community Development Association. In Mangwe District, Valukhalo Action Team in Mangwe Ward 1 is now Vusisizwe Community Development Association while in Ward 12 Macingwana Action Team has been transformed to become Manna Community Development Association. Nkashe Action Team in Gwanda Ward 1 is now Mankandleni Community Development Association while Datata, Dambashoko and Zhukwe Action Teams have now become Uluthi Community Development Association.

Habakkuk Trust Staff members and Trustees of five of the Community Based Organisations

Speaking at a handover ceremony this morning, Habakkuk Trust Chief Executive Officer Mr. Dumisani Nkomo advised the organizations to remain non-partisan and focus more on community development.

“You are now legally registered organizations meaning you are now able to sign memoranda of understandings with the local authorities or have partnerships with other organizations to push community projects,” Nkomo said. “You can now apply for funds own your own for your community initiatives. It is important also that you remain non-partisan.”

These trusts will continue advocating on human rights, lobbying community members to participate in decision making processes, nurture local democracy in their Wards and support community initiatives.


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